Wednesday, November 28, 2012


                                              MAKING CHRISTMAS GARLAND

Fresh pine bows
Cedar bows
Holly branches
20 gauge straight floral wire
Wire cutters

Pine bows are cut approx: 12" long
Measure the area to be draped and cut pine according to measurements taken note each piece of pine will equate to approximately 6"-8" of garland due to the overlay of branches.

Cut a hand full of wire approx: 4-5"
This will be used too wire the branches together.Note that the wire is dark green blending well with the pine.


Take the first bow and lay it on a flat surface, lay the next bough half the way up on the first and fasten with wire.Continue one on top of the next, every so often wire in a piece of holly or cedar.

Note: make sure all the pine is in the same direction and facing up.

Wire pine cones by tucking the wire in deep then twisting at the end, leaving two wire tails to fasten to the pine bough.

Wire holly and pine cones directly to the pine bough making a pattern every few boughs.

Attach your garland to the porch rail using wire or tack it up over the front door.Add a few lights , a bow here and there and  you will have another inexpensive craft.

DIY Natures way

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