Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to paint wine glasses

                                                                      WINE GLASS PAINTING by Gail

Materials needed:
Set of wine glasses
Small flat paint brush
and one liner brush
Enamel paints for glassware
suggested colors to start with:
green, white, berry, yellow, purple,and blue (this way you can make each of four wine glasses a
different color) no need for wine glass charms.
Start by making four curved
lines equally around the glass with green paint , using a liner brush.
Next using the flat brush
dip in the green paint on
one side of the brush and
one side in either white or
yellow paint. 

Place your brush touching on one of the green lines you painted earlier,
push down on the glass
at the same time lift and turn
your brush this will create a
leaf pattern. I suggest you
paint three leaves on each

Once all your leaves are
painted, it's time to
paint some roses between
the leaves. 
Dip your flat brush into a color of your choice on one side, and
into the white paint on
the other side. With your
brush flat against the glass
 make a upside down U
then from the bottom
of the U make a right side
up U this should look
somewhat like a rose bud.
To make it look like a full
rose petal, reload your brush
with paint and swipe color
across the bottom of the
rose bud.

You can add other touches
to the glass by putting some
dots ( using the wooden end of
your paint brush) in between
the roses, or a few fine
lines to look like branches
with your liner brush.

It is all about being creative,
following your pattern .
what ever pattern you choose continue it all around the glass.

Experiment with different brush strokes and colors.
If you dont like what you see wash it off and start over.

Once the painting is done , it is recomended to bake the glases at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
Place the glasses in a cold oven on a cookie tray.
Turn the oven to 350 degrees and set the timer for 30 minutes.
Leave the glasses in the unopened oven until cool.

When the glasses are cooled,fill with your favorite wine and toast to your
Again"You did it yourself"
Natures way

The glasses make great gifts for all occations, just note they should be hand washed only.
No machine it is to rough!

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