Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to Remove a White Face Hornet Nest

                                                  REMOVING:  The White Face Hornet

paper nest
The White Face Hornet is one of the Nastiest Hornets I have dealt with.Their defense is in their  numbers and of course stinging.
When stung by one it feels like you have been hit with a baseball bat.
This is the method I use,It is NOT 100% sting free, if the steps are not followed.
This is a night time project!
Pictures were taken during the day, I must stress this is done at night!
Materials Needed:
One can Bee Spray
( Cutter Hornet and Wasp Killer)
Two Thick Black Plastic Garbage Bags
Snips large enough to cut the branch ,clean with
one cut.
Ladder (optional)
Some one willing to help? It takes Two People.
Step One:Prepping the Branch
First you must make sure the nest will drop in to the bag once cut free.Prep the area a few nights
in advance , cutting away small branches .
Only one or two  branches per night will be permitted.
Once the area is clear go on to step two.

Step Two:Black Bags
Double the Garbage bags,( Place one inside the other.)

Step Three: Spray
"Generously" Spray Cutter in side the Garbage bag,
  Generously Is important you will only get one chance.

Step Four: Placement
Place the opened  bag directly under the nest.

Step Six: Buddy UP
Now that the Bag is being held in place.
Have your partner cut through the branch
with one clean," FAST" cut.

Step Seven:Needs no explanation.
Once the nest drops in to the bag,
close the bag immediately.Tie the bag,or use tape to shut it tight.

Step Eight:Decorate
Let the bag sit for a while, a day or so.
After a day open the bag and spray again.
Dispose of the nest at this time , OR
the nest can be used for a decoration.
Let it dry on the rafters
of the garage or barn for a few months.

Great For:
Natural Art
Camp Wall
Conversation piece
School Project ect: 

 Thats It! The best is "you did it yourself" Saved Money and you have a great piece of art.

                                                                  NATURES WAY

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